CND Shellac 2 Week Manicure

Revolutionary polish that last up 2 or 3 weeks without chipping* and dries instantly so no more smudges!

45 mins // £20.00 (Inc Cuticles)

No Polish Manicure
30 mins // £25.00

Full Paraffin Manicure
60 mins // £38.00

15 mins // £8.00

Shellac is also very easy to remove at home.

*Free Repair within 3 Days of Treatment


Lecenté Glitters, Foil or Chrome

Add a little  glitz and glamour to your  Shiny CND Shellac fingers or toes.
Choose from a wide range of foils, glitters and chrome to give you that customised statement Mani/Pedi

60min // £25

*Free Repair within 3 Days of Treatment


CND Vinylux


From the creators of Shellac comes VINYLUX!. The World’s first week long Polish that simply wipes off at home! Available in 62 colours. Very quick Therapist application and NO drying or curing under lamps!

A Vinylux Deluxe Manicure includes filing, soak & cuticle treatment, exfoliation, paraffin wax mask, hand and arm massage and the choice from our selection of 62 colours or French polish.

Vinylux Deluxe Manicure (add champagne for £5.00)
60 mins // £35.00

Vinylux File & Polish Manicure (including cuticles)
30 mins // £18.00


Deluxe  Pedicure Throne Experience

Our Deluxe Thrones allow us to perform the best pedicures with your comfort in mind. Your tootsies are soaked in our throne bath allowing skin & cuticles to soften. During this deluxe treatment you will simultaneously receive a neck, upper & lower back massage at your desired pressure & heat. (You have the control at your hands).  Your cuticles are softened, pushed back or clipped if necessary. Your tootsies are conditioned with a penetrating foot masque & wrapped up in hot booties. Toenails are then filed/cut, shaped and nail plates are prepared to ensure the effectiveness of the hard wearing Shellac/Vinylux polish. Hard skin is exfoliated,  reduced and feet smoothed followed by a relaxing massage for tired legs and feet using a powerful moisturising cream

To top this Deluxe Pedicure Throne experience off you will receive a complimentary glass of chilled Prosecco.

Vinylux Deluxe Pedicure (7 Day Polish)
60 mins £40.00

Shellac Deluxe Pedicure (14 Day polish)
60 mins £43.00

Trim & Polish (including cuticles)
30 mins £18.00

Trim & Polish Toes + File & Polish Fingers
60 mins

No Polish Pedicure
30 mins £25.00